Take a trip back in time with these daytime tv shows of the past.



Commercials, PSA's, & Bumpers


Who can forget educational programs such as Captain Kangaroo and Schoolhouse Rock? Yesterday's educational tv programming was the best!

Fun Stuff

Enjoy these clips, highlights and bloopers from vintage tv shows. Through the years, some things just never get old!

Game Shows

Can't have daytime tv without the game shows! Enjoy these vintage gems!

Rise & Shine!

Rise and shine with these vintage early morning day-starters to get you going and keep you healthy throughout the day!


They say that you can miss out on your favorite soaps for weeks and when you turn them back on, they'll all be in the same place as where you left off. Ever wonder if that's true? Watch some of these and maybe you'll find out...

Talk Shows

Daytime talk tv started out innocently enough - interview a celebrity here, talk about cooking there; ladies discovering the latest merchandise at their favorite Department store. But that just wasn't enough - it wasn't long before talk tv became a vehicle for bringing all the latest mentally unstable issues into the home and challenging family harmony. And now you can enjoy yesterday's mental instabilities today right here at Classic Television Online. :-)

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