Enjoy all your favorite Prime Time TV shows from the past!



Enjoy your favorite vintage Prime-Time tv dramas right here at Classic Television Online! (You read that in your best Dragnet voice, didn't you?)


Some of today's Hollywood stars sat in front of their televisions hoping someday they would be the ones being watched. While TV movies were quite a bit different than those made for cinema houses, they kept the movie industry alive by increasing the audience via expanding into our homes. Today we see the expansion continue over the internet.

News & Documentaries

When we realize that those of us who are older have lived through the history that our kids are learning in school, it can be a humbling thought. Enjoy taking a look back in time with these vintage news and documentary broadcasts. How do they compare with today's news? More importantly, how do these line up with what's being taught in school today?


They just don't make sitcoms the way they used to! Some of these never get old - the comedians of yesteryear are still capable of busting your gut as you laugh your hind parts off at some of these hilarious shows.


Television has always been hailed as having something for everyone's enjoyment, and variety shows were certainly no exception. Filled with music, laughter, and awe, the acts in these shows always left people smiling and looking forward to the next show.

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